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Los Uveros Water System Project – Dominican Republic

By Anonymous - Posted on 12 June 2010

Ferro-Cement Tank Construction - Dominican RepublicThis project constitutes the first part of the overall Water Charity Ferro-Cement Tanks for the Dominican Republic and Haiti Program. It calls for the construction of an 11,000 liter ferro-cement tank for water storage in the community of Los Uveros, Altamira, Dominican Republic.

The project is under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer and Engineer Gabriel Miller, as part of a larger plan for a comprehensive water system for the entire community.

The village of Los Uveros is located in the mountains of the Cordillera Septentrional in the Dominican Republic. The community suffers from a lack of potable water, and its inhabitants often have to walk long distances to obtain water, which is usually contaminated.

Residents experience severe illness resulting from poor water quality. For several years this community has been struggling to obtain clean water and has solicited the Peace Corps and other organizations for help with their cause.

Gabriel has worked extensively with the community to do a comprehensive assessment, and develop plans for developing a clean reliable water source.

A water committee has been formed and is in the process of being trained. The committee has shown remarkable motivation and commitment. The community has already been able to raise over a thousand dollars on their own. To ensure sustainability, the families have begun to collect user fees as a reserve for needed maintenance.

There are 110 people living in 42 houses who will be served by this project.

Project funds will be used to purchase materials, including rebar, wire mesh, cement, sand, gravel, wire, aluminum lids, plywood, tarp, paint and plumbing fixtures.

The construction of this tank will take 5 days to complete, and is beginning at once. In conjunction with providing a key component for the water system in Los Uveros, the construction of the tank will be used to train Haitian workers on the construction of inexpensive ferro-cement tanks.

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The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust has graciously offered to provide matching funds for donations contributed for this project.

We acknowledge the generous donation of $1,000 from Henry Polgar, Dunfries, VA, USA, with the dedication:

This donation is made on behalf of the Panamerican-Panafrican Assoc (Japan office) and is inspired by the work of Tim McFarren who has for many years worked on sustainable technologies.

This project has been completed. To read about the conclusion of this project, CLICK HERE.

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